New beginnings in health communications

I am excited to announce that I am taking a new position with InspireHealth Integrative Cancer Care as their Marketing and Communications Manager. It is not very often when you have an opportunity to work with a world-leading health care facility, but here I am embracing a new challenge to help build and enhance this organization’s profile.

Image source: InspireHealth Integrative Cancer Care

Integrative medicine, or complimentary medicine is growing in influence because patients want more a more holistic approach, longer consultation time, and more compassion from their care provider. There is so much more to healing than the appropriate medical treatment. A patient needs to feel empowered in their journey and be given the opportunity of choice and self-care. InspireHealth is at the forefront of change within the medical establishment, and I am intrigued to be a part of this visionary approach that addresses the mind, body, and soul.

I think my approach to promote this type of organization starts with our patients and incredible staff. I think I can help to tell some amazing stories through video, photos and social media engagement. I really look forward to working with my new team in Vancouver, as well as, our other facilities in Kelowna, Vancouver Island and through our online virtual environment, too.

Health Information Management communications professional. Active transpo enthusiast.

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