Does Dad marketing need to modernize?

By now you have likely stumbled upon or sought out the brilliant viral video about the #worldstoughestjob, aka the American Greeting’s fake job posting video for the difficult and often thankless job of being a “Mom.”

Now, in a very tongue-in-cheek way, Bud Light did a satirical take on the American Greetings video entitled, “Director of Whatever,” meant to slay the general perceptions of Dad’s being the lazy, non-contributor to the average household.

Does the modern Dad really fit that lazy, incompetent archetype that the video professes? Living in Vancouver you are seeing more Dads taking care of kids and being actively engaged in their kid’s lives. Increasingly, Dads are no longer the main breadwinners and are willing to take a step back in their careers to provide childcare and manage the domestic household.

While Bud Light is trying to make a joke, the video does open up some possibilities for marketers to look beyond weak generalizations. Maybe the Dad demographic goes beyond interests in sports and light beer ads, and has more care and commitment to family than what marketers think.

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