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The new Health Information Management (HIM) website,, is now live!

The new website is a one-stop shop designed to help patients, researchers, and institutions learn how to access health records, and to provide clinical documentation resources for physicians and clinicians.

Going online and mobile-friendly

Typically patients and their family members are dependent on Clinicians to provide information on how to access health records. Increasingly, more empowered patients want to access information through the internet and even on their mobile phones/devices. This new website helps to direct people to the appropriate Records Management office from one of the many Lower Mainland locations (see our comprehensive Location Map with contact numbers).

Patient related questions:

Making clinical documentation resources available anywhere

Following best practices for clinical documentation are important components to consistently and effectively complete and communicate critical patient care information. Physicians and Clinicians often require technical support for the range of software and technologies related to documentation. The website offers more centralized phone and email contacts and other critical reference material to support providers.

Physician and Clinician related questions:

Visit the site today

For any questions related to health records and clinical documentation access we encourage PHC staff to point them to

Please watch for more fresh content and updates over the coming months.

About Health Information Management: HIM is a leader in the collection, storage, and use of patient information within British Columbia. As a consolidated Lower Mainland department of Providence Health Care, HIM has staff at 42 geographically dispersed locations ​across Fraser Health, Providence Health Care, Provincial Health Services Authority and Vancouver Coastal Health, including 6 regional cancer centres.

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New beginnings in health communications

I am excited to announce that I am taking a new position with InspireHealth Integrative Cancer Care as their Marketing and Communications Manager. It is not very often when you have an opportunity to work with a world-leading health care facility, but here I am embracing a new challenge to help build and enhance this organization’s profile.

Image source: InspireHealth Integrative Cancer Care

Integrative medicine, or complimentary medicine is growing in influence because patients want more a more holistic approach, longer consultation time, and more compassion from their care provider. There is so much more to healing than the appropriate medical treatment. A patient needs to feel empowered in their journey and be given the opportunity of choice and self-care. InspireHealth is at the forefront of change within the medical establishment, and I am intrigued to be a part of this visionary approach that addresses the mind, body, and soul.

I think my approach to promote this type of organization starts with our patients and incredible staff. I think I can help to tell some amazing stories through video, photos and social media engagement. I really look forward to working with my new team in Vancouver, as well as, our other facilities in Kelowna, Vancouver Island and through our online virtual environment, too.

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Does Dad marketing need to modernize?

By now you have likely stumbled upon or sought out the brilliant viral video about the #worldstoughestjob, aka the American Greeting’s fake job posting video for the difficult and often thankless job of being a “Mom.”

Now, in a very tongue-in-cheek way, Bud Light did a satirical take on the American Greetings video entitled, “Director of Whatever,” meant to slay the general perceptions of Dad’s being the lazy, non-contributor to the average household.

Does the modern Dad really fit that lazy, incompetent archetype that the video professes? Living in Vancouver you are seeing more Dads taking care of kids and being actively engaged in their kid’s lives. Increasingly, Dads are no longer the main breadwinners and are willing to take a step back in their careers to provide childcare and manage the domestic household.

While Bud Light is trying to make a joke, the video does open up some possibilities for marketers to look beyond weak generalizations. Maybe the Dad demographic goes beyond interests in sports and light beer ads, and has more care and commitment to family than what marketers think.

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